Why leave your doggy alone in the house when he can go to kindergarten every day ? We offer green spaces and large indoor rooms equipped with air conditioning and sound.

Chiar dacă lucrează de acasă, mulți oameni au luat decizia să-și trimită blănosul la gradiniţă pentru a se putea concentra asupra muncii, fără să-i neglijeze acestuia nevoia de mișcare și joacă.

Socialization in kindergarten is different from the one that is done in parks and dog pens because in those spaces there are dogs with different temperaments, who are more or less educated, with companions who are not always attentive or do not have the necessary knowledge to intervene in the case of misunderstandings that may occur and there is always a risk of being left with psychological trauma or even physical injuries as a result of these uncontrolled interactions.

Here at Zen Pet Club kindergarten safety comes first and providing a setting in which doggies feel comfortable is essential for us.

Feeding is provided at the indicated times.

Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 7 AM

1 day access - 55 lei
10 entries– 495 lei/ (membership valid for one month)
15 entries - 725 lei (membership valid for one month)
30 entries– 1400 lei/ (membership valid for two months)

2 furries from the same owner:
1 entry : 95 lei
10 entries: 855 lei (membership valid for one month)
15 entries: 1250 lei (membership valid for one month)
30 entries: 2400 lei (membership valid for two months)

* Memberships are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. Uncompleted entries are non-transferable/refundable. Memberships are paid in full.

Reservations are made by phone at: 0770.583.776 or by email at:

*For an additional fee of 40 lei/day, the pest can rest in an individual room is provided.

Zen Pet Club is a permanent space supervised by qualified personnel.

Kindergarten facilities:

  • Large outdoor play areas;
  • Large indoor play areas with climate control (when the weather is not friendly);
  • Permanent surveillance
  • Interactive games, assisted socialization with other compatible furry;

We are at your disposal and we look forward to meeting you and walking alongside your pup in the Zen Pet Club® realm.

*** In order to bring the dogs to the kindergarten, it is necessary to present the health card with the proof of vaccinations and dewormings up to date, including the kennel cough vaccine, and the external deworming to be valid during the stay at the hotel. The kennel cough vaccine should be done 14 days before the first day of kindergarten.
The vaccine is valid for 1 year.